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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Could it be? We found Sarah Qing on a waiting child list. On this same list is another 3 year old, who I personally find very sweet and very beautiful. She has the same minor special need as Sarah, and happens to be in the same Children s home as Sarah. There is a good chance they are friends. Her name is YuHong. I am praying she finds her forever family soon. I am beginning to want her too. For me this is not such a big deal. After all, what is one more? They could share a room, cloths, etc... but poor Juergen had such a hard time saying yes to Sarah. How could I ever ask him about YuHong? It would cost more, we would need to get a bigger car, and China would need to agree to let us adopt two at once (this is really rare). But she really captures my heart! I know it would probably be best if she is adopted by her own (other) family. I know I can not see clearly what would be best. All I know is if know one else wants her... I do!

PS. I just read she "has a family"! I cried tears of joy! I've prayed all day for this special little girl. I knew Juergen would probably never let me adopt her, but I just hated the idea of maybe going to China to get Sarah, meeting YuHong, and leaving her there. Now I know she will also have a family. I am super happy!