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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I read this letter on one of the yahoo adoption web groups. She wrote that I could forward it to anyone who might be blessed by it. I am blessed by how God can surprize us, and provie all that we need! If you need some of Gods provision, maybe this will bless you!

Dear Friends and Family;

We wanted to share something that happened to us - yesterday we were blessed
beyond our imagination!

Yesterday morning (Mother's Day) we were worshipping at church and halfway
through our Pastor's message, one of the ushers came and put a gift down next to
us in an empty seat. She motioned to us that it was indeed intended for us and
disappeared. As we weren't expecting a gift,and the timing of it was very
unusual (during service)- we were a bit confused. It was a lovely wrapped pink
package-topped off with a huge pink cascading bow. I thought it was probably a
thank you from someone Bruce had recently helped- he is a 'giver' and is always
blessing someone ;-) The fact that it was wrapped in pink was a bit
baffling...but I leaned over and peaked under the large bow, indeed it did say
in large letters, Kimmie and Bruce ! Hmmm, interesting indeed! I refocused and
continued in worship-we carried the package out and on our way home, as Bruce
was driving I opened the card. On the front was a beautiful arch covered with
roses...a beautiful old door~an entrance, which was covered with a climbing
rose, blooming in full pink blossoms..the card said...

We cannot know what lies beyond the door....

(inside)...but we can open it,and face the challenges
knowing we have the support of people who love us.

handwritten in beautiful cursive was written;

Psalm 37:4-7

As I had my bible with me, I quickly looked up the passage....
4 Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart.
5 Commit your way to the LORD;
trust in him and he will do this:

6 He will make your righteousness shine like the
the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.

7 Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him;
do not fret when men succeed in their ways,
when they carry out their wicked schemes.

Now, here's where it became very emotional and where my family began to
think I was losing it. The card was unsigned, so still we didn't know who had
gone to so much trouble for us... I opened the box and inside found a beautiful
silver music box which was edged in a pattern of gold....on the top~ a picture
of a garden, heavily ladened with roses, wisteria ...meticulously cared
for...roses are climbing over the entrance-which is an arbor connected to a
fence in which hearts cutouts enclose and encircle the garden. say:

God has written these three words on the heart of each of
Faith. Hope.

I opened the music box (which by the way plays "What a friend we have in Jesus")
and inside was a bank check for ...


My family thought I was having a heart attack-as I couldn't even get the
words out to say how much the check I was holding was for! Guess I made some
REALLY interesting faces and sound effects (glad they didn't have a video camera

Now for some of you, you may not know, but this is our third adoption
(Guatemala) and really we are totally trusting God for our finances. We have
told the adoption agency that we feel God has told us that there will be more
than one joining our family. This increases the expense-and though we are not
worried- we have been waiting on God to make a way. When we signed up with our
agency (All God's Children International) we only contracted for one child, as
we didn't have the money to commit to a second, but asked that it would be noted
in our file, and our paperwork would be worded for "2"~in case God did have
plans for a larger family.

There are a few people in our church that know of the journey we are on-
that have stood with us in prayer and support as we go on this wonderful,and at
times long, journey that God has us on. We are currently #7 and are awaiting
our referral phone call. I am sure you will hear us screaming with JOY soon-
;-) It maybe one son coming, but perhaps God has MORE! Anyway you slice
it, we are totally pumped up and feel like race horses being held at the gate!

Thank you all for allowing sharing our AWE and JOY- we are still in a state
of shock! Over and over again yesterday Bruce and I would say, "$10,000!"
-"$10,000!!!" I could hardly sleep last night, for feeling overwhelmed, loved,
and totally covered by the very hand of God!

We may never know this side of heaven, who has blessed us in such a huge
way. But our prayers are that this person/persons, who have followed the Lord's
leading~ will be blessed beyond measure -the windows of heaven opened up over
their lives! We are blessed beyond measure! I hope I have captured our
amazement and joy and have pointed all of you to God for the glory. It is He
who has done this, and it is God who desires all of our praise! Our hearts
desire is to serve him and bring him Glory!

Our hearts are WAY full-our minds can't even begin to conceive what God has
done, we just wanted to share ~well basically so we wouldn't implode out of
keeping something so amazing to ourselves! :-) Thank you for joining us in
rejoicing ...and for continuing to press into prayer for us (and our children!)
as we continue to run the race to which He has called us.

In His arms;
~Bruce~Bella~Lacianna~ and Tia Comollo

ps-Please feel free to forward our letter to whom ever you think may be blessed
by it. We are totally blown away by God's goodness!