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Monday, May 01, 2006

Last night Juergen was at church. I was at my computer trying to figure out how to add music to my Israel slide show. The boys wanted to suprize me by making dinner. They told me not to come down stairs until it was finished. When I did come, I had to walk down stairs with my eyes closed! When I opened my eyes I saw the table set nicely. There was a stack of under cooked toast, and butter, jam, honey, cold cuts and cheese on the table. They had also made a small cucumber and tomato salad they were most proud of. We would save the salad for dessert. I sat down to dinner, and Philip insisted on praying. He thanked God for the meal, and for the good work they had done! They wanted to light the candles, and so we did. I was so proud of my sons for making me dinner. When it was over,Thomas pulled out a calculator, and said I owed them a Euro, that is about $1.24. I thought they had given me a gift, but the where excited to earn some money. I told them I was not going to pay them for everything they did, but gave them each a Euro. Well, this morning Juergen got up and went to the baker for fresh bread. It is a holiday (labor day) in Germany. I hear the boys down stairs saying "hurry, let's set the table." They have gone into business together!