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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Please pray! I know some of you that read this blog pray. My wonderful mother in law has brain surgery tomorrow (wed German time, Tuesday night in the USA). She has had a problems with tumors in her brain. They are not canorous, but grow faster and faster. This will be the fourth such operation. It may also be the last op, because the tumors just keep growing faster! Please pray for her, her name is Waltrud. Please pray that she is able to wake up from this operation. Also pray that she recovers her speech, and memories. I hope God will bless her with at least two more good years. I would love her to meet Sarah. Thank you for your prayers!

Update- They ran some more tests. They think the operation will last from 12-18 hours. They think they maybe able to remove the whole of the tumors. The main ardery has moved, so they can get bits of the tumor they could not or dare not try to remove before. They plan to wait until next Wednesday to do the operation, because of how much time they think it will take. Please keep praying for her. Things are more hopeful then they had been. Maybe she could actually come through this operation,and not have to worry about the tumors returning. This is so much better then I could have hoped!!! By Gods grace I pray she lives many more good years. She is an amazing women, and I love her so much!