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Friday, June 09, 2006

Germany launch World Cup in style

do you even know what the world cup is? It is the worlds biggest soccer tournament. It just began here in Germany, and will last for a whole month. Many Germans take their whole years vacation to watch this. Others pile up allot of debt buying big screen tv's for this once in a life time event. Germany just played the opening game agents Costa Rica. They won 4-2. I am sure most of America was not watching, but Germany was stopped! I brought my kids to Tae kwon do,and there was a big open air world cup party near by. We saw a few thousand fans, waiving German flags walking towards the party. Sometimes it is so strange living in Europe. My son Thomas is a big Brazil fan. He has all the gear. He has a hat, t-shirt, even Brazil shoes. They play their first game on the 13th. I am thinking of getting him Brazil under wear just for the occasion! See what you are missing!!!