This blog covers our wait, travel, and adjustment to our 4 year old adopted Chinese daughter Sarah Shui Qing from Nanjing. There are over 1000 posts. I have moved my blog to Catching Butterflies 2. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog. It has alot of information on Special needs adoption. Follow us to our new address Catching Butterflies 2! Thank you for reading!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Last night I told Juergen (my husband) a story I remember from my childhood. As I remember it (and my memory could be wrong) My little brother was in the driveway of our house in Phoenix, Arizona digging a hole to China. The driveway was very hard dry packed dirt. He wasn't making any progress. I decide to help. I dragged the water hose out, and soaked the hold. He was able to dig a pretty big hole. My dad had a big surprise when he almost drove the car into this hole that evening! You see, I have been trying to get to China since I was a child!