This blog covers our wait, travel, and adjustment to our 4 year old adopted Chinese daughter Sarah Shui Qing from Nanjing. There are over 1000 posts. I have moved my blog to Catching Butterflies 2. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog. It has alot of information on Special needs adoption. Follow us to our new address Catching Butterflies 2! Thank you for reading!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hi, I just read that the Chinese Internet connections have been down for the past 3 days because of an earth quake off the coast of Taiwan. This is why we don't have new photos of Sarah! I just read the blog of one of the traveling families. They are doing great, but have allot of trouble sending mail over the Internet! I am so glad to hear they are doing good. When people are super stressed, they usually don't write on their kind of makes you nervous that things are not working out. In this case it was an earth quake blocking communications. We sure have gotten spoiled by technology!