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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I saw this picture on CNN today.It was taken of aids orphans in Makeevka, eastern Ukraine. I was thinking about the orphan population in the world today. It use to be different. Children would lose their parents, and some would need to go to orphanages.Most orphans would find a home at grandmas house, or aunt or uncle so and so's House.The community could usually manage their own orphans. We would not need to consider adoption,unless we wanted children and could not have a child biologically. Aids has changed everything.The numbers are overwhelming. Communities no longer have the people to take the children in. Aunt and uncle so and so have also died of Aids.Where do you place an extra 2 or more million children a year? When will the people in the West wake up and stop acting like it is as it always has been! Aids has changed realty...we must be open to doing more for these children who are growing up with out even the basic needs of food, cloths, safety, and education! Your parents and mine did not live with the scale of need we are living with! We can try to keep up with the Status quo or we can rise to the challenge and do something!