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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hi, I just received an end of the year news letter from AAI (Adoption Advocates International). We used this wonderful agency to adopt Philip & Thomas. AAI has programs with China, and Thailand, but their strongest program is with Ethiopia. They place healthy children and babies, and also older sibling groups with families in the USA. They began placing HIV+ children,and I would like to quote their newsletter...

One of our special joys this year has been the increase in the placement of HIV+children. Just a couple of years ago no HIV+ children were being placed for adoption. With the medication now being provided to the children their condition is manageable and 4 children have joined their families this year and 10 more families are in the adoption process. We are especially pleased when adoptive parents are accepting of sibling groups for HIV+ children. One older boy was at Layla (this is AAI's home for healthy children) for over two years and beginning to fear he would never be adopted. He had a younger sister at AHOPE (AAI's home for HIV+ children).It was decided the two children should be placed together. When a family said they wanted to adopt two children who really needed a family we suggested these two and they are now together with their new family in Oregon.

Wow, it makes me want to cry! I wrote earlier I am reading the book There is no me without you. I can tell you honestly, it will be very hard for me not to at least try to convince Juergen to adopt from Ethiopia. First things first (that meaning Sarah). Maybe you should consider adopting from Ethiopia, or at least give to AAI's many good prodjects that help the children in Ethiopia. I also challange you to read the book There is no me without you. It will move you heart, it is an amazing book!