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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I've been watching Adoption on the Hallmark channel online. The newest episode is very interesting, it's called second chances. It's about an amazing women who took in Russian orphans who have had disrupted adoptions. These kids have been through very awful situations in these institutions. This sort of adoption is not for cowards. I think this women has some pretty good clues on how to help post institutionalized kids. She speaks about structure, teaching them to work at natural things (gardens, cutting wood, raising animals) and ridding horses. I think I can apply some of what I see here to the lives of my own kids. Their experience was not so awful, but they were all in institutions (Philip, Thomas, and Sarah). They all need structure, respect, and hard work. Work is very important because everything is done for you in an orphanage. A great deal of pride and self worth is passed on when a person starts a task, and manages to finish that task. Like I said, this kind of adoption is not for most of us, but I found this very interesting.