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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Update on Sawyer...His mom wrote...
"As most of you know he was diagnosed with Neurocutaneous Melanosis, now
symptomatic. Some children are living normal, well as normal as they can
with seizure activity, lives. However he has significant leptomenigial
involvement which doesn't produce the same positive statistics. We are
praying and hopeful that he will beat those stats and live a long and
fruitful life."

You can send a card to this family. I will e-mail the address to you if you e-mail me at amy_heymann @ yahoo. de (remove the spaces)
Remeber, this is a single please slip some money into that card too! Put your self in her shoes. She is a brave and wonderful women. I pray she is overwhelmed by a flood of compassion and support (both prayer support and real practical support). She isn't asking for anything but we should all send it anyway!