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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Looking ahead to 2008. In August 2008 I hope to be taking Nicole (who will be turning 15 years old) to Mexico to build a house for a poor family. She has been raising the money to pay for her own flight and expenses. We also want to help pay for the building materials for this house. It's a very basic house and the materials cost $5000. So far only one wonderful soul has given money towards the building of this house. Nicole is a little discouraged, but I told her to pray. I'm writing you to ask if you could contribute a small amount towards this house. Even $5 or $10
would really make a difference. All the money will go towards building material...100%. Mother Teresa visited Tijuana once. She said she saw poverty there that was as bad as what she had seen in India. I use to live in San Diego, and take trips down there to help. People live in shacks made of whatever they can find. They have dirt floors that turn to mud when it rains. I want to teach my daughter how she can use the gifts God has given her to change the world. Nicole is a very gifted and compassionate person. It is a huge honor to be her mom. I thank you for any gift you give towards this project. You can donate money for the house through pay pal. The donation link is on the side bar of this page. Just click on ChipIn.