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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Funds for new diapers. While we wait, and wait, I thought I would make
good use of my time. In all the photos I've seen of Sarah and the other
kids in Nanjing they had on cloth diapers (nothing wrong with that).
These cloth diapers looked like they had seen better days! I'm thinking
it would be nice to replace these diapers. Realize there are about 300
kids in this children's home, maybe more. That is allot of diapers!!! We
are checking on the need (actual numbers) and the cost for diapers in
China. You can bet I'm not going to try to carry them myself! Right now
I need ideas from you about fund raisers. Maybe we can set up a number
of bake sales or something? I'm thinking I can maybe set up an account with Love without boundaries, and if you raise money for the Nanjing diaper project , you can send the money directly to them! Do I have anyone willing to help with this project?