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Monday, October 16, 2006

Ok, I'm going to preach. If you don't want to read a preachy post, be warned.
don't know what is happening with our papers. It looks pretty bad, and
I guess with time can probably be fixed. I wish this was not happening,
but it is. I heard a sermon
this weekend about the authority of God. The preacher had an umbrella
in his hand as a visual aid. As long as you are under the umbrella you
receive protection from it. It is not enough to hold it in your hand,
must walk with it over your head. We can not step away from Gods
authority, and expect it to cover us.I may not understand what is
happening to us, but I am placing myself under Gods authority. He has
all power, and even with our lost papers He has all control of me and
my life. I give Him the control, and authority to do as He will. I
expect to be able to sleep peacefully to night knowing it's taken care
of!Ok,end of my sermon! Well, maybe not...
Some of you know us.
And if you know us, you know our visa application was lost when we
wanted to get married. I was in the USA, andJuergen was in Germany. The
German government would not let him leave the country, because he had
applied for this visa, and did not have it. I had to send out wedding
invitations not knowing if he would even be allowed to be there!
Finally, 9 days before our weddingJuergen was able to come to the USA. Immigration had lost our papers, and we had to get a congressman
to find out they were lost. He made them walk our papers through the
process ( a normal two month process) in one day! We got married, and
it has been 16 wonderful years! I have other stories, but it's very
late and I need to sleep. My point is this, my faith is based on a long walk with God. I've seen His faithfulness time and time again. I am under His authority, and He will do great things for us, and for Sarah.
Please pray they find our papers. Thanks!!!