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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Well, the drama continues. I got this post from my agency...
says it(meaning our missing papers) was given to them and they have
been able to track it a point but then it just disappears. It is
probably in a land fill some where by now. The courier has contacted DHL at least twice a day since it was lost so they are working hard to find it."
nice to know that the papers really were sent(understand that the
courier had sent them by accident to another family and we were not
sure they actually sent the papers back). There is a tracking number,
and it is DHL (a German company by the way) that lost the papers! We are
working hard to replace what is missing, but I'm still praying these
papers will still be found. On the one hand Juergen and I feel like we are in a spiritual battle. We feel under attack and beaten
up. On the other hand we are almost laughing at how stupid all this is!
As I wrote in my last post, this is not the first time something like
this has happened to us. Maybe I should get more worried if everything
just was easy! Faith is the assurance of things hoped for the evidence
of things not seen. Here we have the clear chance to see God do some
great things for us. We are beginning to step out of our boat, and take
a walk on the water. Our challenge now is to just keep our eyes fixed
on Jesus. As long as we keep our eyes fixed on God, and look for him to
hold us up,I am sure we will not sink.