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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Last night was the big party at the Heidelberg castle. Some friends of ours celebrated their 50th birthdays, 25th wedding anniversary, and the graduation of their two daughters from University in one grand party! They had about 200 guests, and we were blessed to be on the guest list. The one big problem was our babysitter was also invited. You need to understand we don't just have any old babysitter. Because Jessica is autistic, our sitter is a registered nurse. She is a good friend of ours, and goes to our church. She was invited to this big party too! I wasn't feeling all that great. I have a pretty bad cold. But we could not find a babysitter, so I did not go to the party. Instead Juergen took our 13 year old daughter Nicole to the party. Even though it would have been nice to attend, it was also really special to dress my daughter up to attend her first grand occasion! I would not have sent her, but I heard from the host that some other people were bringing their kids, and that it was ok! Nicole looked like a princess. She also drew this picture for me of the candle sticks in the castle. I've never been to the castle for dinner, but I've had dinner in another castle. I really believe there are times when it is honestly better to see your kids getting opportunities, then it is for you to have yet another opportunity. I've done all sorts of stuff. It is so much fun to see Nicole grow up and put on panty hose and her first makeup! I waited up for them to come home. They came home at 11pm (I’m sure the party lasted into the night). They were full of stories of the music, the other entertainment, the castle tour, the history lesson, the food, the people… it was wonderful to hear it!!! Tell me, what is better, to be Cinderella, or the Fairy God mother? I’ve been blessed to have been both…and I could not say what was better. I live with my prince and I’m still living happily ever after!