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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hi, Juergen and I have just begun to pray for a fast TA (travel approval). At this point it does not seem possible
for us to travel this year...but this is what we are praying for!
First, we see no benefit to Sarah to have to wait so long for us to
come. Thomas waited a full 2 years for Thailand to give us a TA. This
only made him insecure. It may have taught us to persevere, but I'm not
sure we need the lesson again! We believe it is better for Sarah to
come sooner. Second, we want to take Nicole on this trip to China. She is
in a very difficult high school. It would be very hard for her to miss
allot of school. It would be the best if she could go during her
Christmas vacation. Finally, we want the tax benefits that come from
being able to claim Sarah on our taxes this year. I know that sounds
selfish, but we are a one income family with soon 5 children.
International adoption is very expensive (between 15-20
dollars). We will manage it if we don't get the extra tax refund
(around $5,000) but Ouch! It would be an all around blessing and gift
to our family if Sarah could come home this year. I realize at this
point it seems nearly impossible, but God does impossible things. I
hope some of you would pray with us for this great blessing to happen!
Thank you!