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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Things have not changed, but nearly everything has changed. I want to
thank you for your prayers. 48 hours ago we got word from our agency
that our papers were lost. As far as I know they are still lost, and
may never be found. My only prayer is that they are protected, and not
misused by someone. The documents include a notarized original birth certificate of Juergen. I guess if someone wanted to steal his ID, that paper might be
useful? Our agency is working hard at replacing what was lost. They
tell us it could even be replaced as quickly as Friday. That is yet to
be seen, but I trust they will do what they can, as quickly as they
can. What has been changed is me. I was sad, and then I got mad. I got
mad at the devil, who you may or may not believe in. I believe the devil
is real, and he seeks to discourage the children of God. In the past 48
hours I've asked for prayer, and I feel those prayers. They fill me
joy, courage, and even a boldness. I have a boldness I have not felt in
a long time. This is my adoption blog, so I am not going to get too
preachy here,(OK...maybe I am already to preachy here) but thank you so
much for holding me up in this discouraging time. I do not know if I
will get Sarah this year. I realize it would be a real miracle if I
did. If I do then great, and if I don't that is great too. I am
so sure that God has a plan much bigger then my own. I am also sure his
timing is perfect, and the best efforts of the devil will not and can
not upset what God intends to do.

One more thing, I can see
from my new counter that there are people from all over the world
reading this blog. My counter does not give me your e-mail address, but
it does tell me what countries you live in. I feel very honored that
you are taking the time to read my blog. I just wanted to tell you...I
am honored you are reading.