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Thursday, July 06, 2006

"As the U.S. population speeds toward 300 million, the growth is producing headaches for Americans fed up with traffic congestion, sprawl and dwindling natural resources.

But the alternatives are pretty scary, too. Just look at Europe and Japan, which are on the verge of such big population losses that several countries are practically begging women to have babies."

I just read this news story. We live in Germany, and our very "BIG" family does stand out! You would think the people would be holding a parade in our honor! We will soon have 5 children. That is like 5x's the national average! We pay 50% of our income in taxes, and we are single handily raising the next generation of Germans. The government does not give us a refund or tax break for adopting. They make headaches over the paperwork. They don't provide German as a second language classes for my sons.... but they promise me my boys are headed for the lowest level of high school in the future if their German does not improve! I am pretty sure God wants us to stay here, but I could sure use some wisdom about the education of my two adopted sons! I am sure the population growth does bother some Americans, but living with a negative growth rate is really more trouble! Children are our future! We should support families, adoption, and education. Children are our future!!!