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Monday, July 10, 2006

I need (want) a vacation!!! The wait goes on for my visa. At this point, I think there is very little chance we will be traveling to China during the kids summer vacation (Aug 3-Sept 16). We have not sent our documents to China, and the average wait for travel approval (after the documents go to China) is about 70 days. It is getting more realistic to think we travel in November. So we are faced with a question...what do we do during the kids summer vacation? Should we stay home, and try to take the kids out of school during the school year so they can travel with us to get Sarah? Should we go some place (and I am really wanting to take the boys to Thailand) during the vacation, and not take them to China later? I think it would actually be cheaper to take our family for two weeks to Thailand then to take them with us to China. Our agency said Juergen could travel to China alone, meet Sarah, sign the papers, return home to watch the kids while I go and get Sarah. I've read so many stories lately about the ruff transitions some of the Chinese kids are having. They go through days of grief and loss. Right now we are so tired...China is sounding less and less like a vacation! I am sure I can handle the transition with Sarah, but I really want a vacation now! On the one hand, I don't want them to miss the chance of going to China and getting their sister. I would also be a bit sad about not getting Sarah without Juergen. It would be like being alone at a birth. Still, our whole family might overwhelm Sarah. Maybe the transition would be easier with just me (and maybe my mom)? I also really want to take the boys to Thailand. I think it would be very good for their identity. It may even bring some closer to some things (especially for Thomas). I think adopting Sarah could make Thomas insecure. Walking him through his own adoption story might help him find some more peace. It is only now (and he's been two years home) that Thomas has shown any interest in Thailand. I want him to love his home land. It is part of who he is. To hate Thailand is to hate a big part of himself. Philip loves all things Asian. Thomas still wants me to color his hair blond! I guess the main thing is I want a vacation. Maybe I need some rest before I take on a 5th child! I don't have to rest on a beach in Thailand...but that is what my desire is.