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Monday, July 24, 2006

Hi, I am trying to get rid of some of the massive amounts of clutter in our house. This should make Juergen happy. Maybe he will read my blog and find out I am actually throwing some of his stuff away! We reorganized the boy’s room this weekend. I left them with only the toys the actually play with. Everything else got tossed. Now they have a much easier time cleaning their room! I was getting rid of some old women's magazines, and I ran across an article on getting rid of clutter (very timely). The article asked a funny question. I thought I would write it down before I tossed the magazine.
Which character more resembles you?
A) Martha Stewart, weaving her own carpets from dryer lint, then dyeing them with berries grown in a greenhouse she built using discarded toothpicks.
B) Homer Simpson, laying in his underwear, eating pork rinds he found under the couch cushions, while the kids throw candy wrappers on the floor and Marge reads a magazine called "Better homes than yours".

And who am I? Call me Homer Stewart or Martha Simpson. I am a little bit of both.