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Monday, July 24, 2006

Hi, I am reprinting this story with is a story of how God can provide what we need!

Hello Friends!

I MUST share an amazing miracle that occurred to us on Friday.
Every time I think that God can't amaze me anymore, he blows me away
with His love. It's a bit long, but I really hope you read it
because I am still in awe at what happened. Here's our story:

Prior to coming home with Kai, we had contacted our insurance
company to make sure that they would cover any necessary medical
treatment he would need to repair his still open cleft palate. They
said problem. We arrived home with Kai on April 14, Good
Friday. On Monday, April 17, I called one of the very few cleft
teams in Florida who happens to work out of Ft. Myers, so that I can
have them evaluate Kai for his palate surgery. This evaluation is
state funded. It is a group of doctors including a pediatric
surgeon who specializes in craniofacial surgery, a dentist, an
orthodontist, a pediatrician, and an ear, nose and throat
specialist. When I called, I was told the soonest appt. would be
July 10, almost 3 months wait. I was disappointed because I wanted
Kai to be seen right away, but I had read so much about this team
that it was worth the wait.

On July 10, we took Kai in for his evaluation at the local
children's hospital. The lead surgeon was amazing. Scott and I
were taken back by his knowledge, bedside manner, experience and
genuine sincerity. We thought he was great and agreed to see him in
his office the following week, July 21, to schedule Kai's surgery.

The day before our appointment, I receive a phone call from the
surgeon's office. The girl confirmed the appt. and I said we would
absolutely be there. A few minutes later, I receive another phone
call, this time from the office manager. She asks for me and then
proceeds to confirm that I will be attending again. I say yes, that
someone had already called me and then she continues on to tell me
that unfortunately she has some bad news and she wanted to make sure
I was aware before proceeding with the appt. So, I waited for the
other shoe to drop. She then tells me that the doctor is not under
our insurance plan and not even the office visits are covered. The
first office visit, depending on tests, ranges about $400. I bit my
lip so that I wouldn't cry on the phone and reiterated with her what
she had just told me. She said, "Yes, I'm sorry. Your son's
surgery will be an out of pocket expense." I asked how much....she
said "thousands". At that point, I didn't even bother to ask HOW
MANY thousands. I felt deflated. I told her I'd call her back.

I sat on the bed after hanging up the phone and just tried to absorb
it all. I couldn't believe that we waited 3 months to get in to see
this team to only find out now that he was not covered by our
insurance. He is the ONLY doctor here that specializes in pediatric
cleft palate surgery. I call the insurance company and the lady
says to me. "Oh yes, we do cover that surgery, but it must be done
by an oral surgeon on your list of providers." I said, "Yes, but
an oral surgeon is someone who pulls wisdom teeth and does dentistry
work. Granted, they can do this type of surgery but they don't
specialize in it." I then went on to tell her that the success of
this surgery would determine if my son could ever speak properly or
not. She then apologized and said that there was nothing that could
be done. That they did not have any contracts with pediatric
craniofacial surgeons. I hung up and took a few deep breaths
wondering what were we going to do. How could we raise who knows
how many thousands of dollars for this baby's surgery, or should we
just go ahead and use one of the oral surgeons the insurance company
covered. I decided that I'd call the drs. office back and cancel
the appt. until I could speak to Scott in depth about it and
pray...pray hard for an answer on what to do!

When I called the drs. office, the girl insisted that I keep my
appt. I told her that we really couldn't afford to spend $400 on a
visit for a dr. that we may not even use. She said she would speak
to the dr. about trying to negotiate something with the insurance
company and that she would also speak to him about discounting the
office visit the next day so that I could keep the appt. She would
call me back.

As it usually happens, by that time it was 3 pm. Five o'clock
rolled around and no phone call. That night, while putting Kai to
bed, I prayed harder than usual. I asked God that whatever His will
was, let it be done. The next morning, after Kai has his morning
snack, I laid him down next to me for his nap. While he slept, I
again prayed and did a rosary. I asked the Blessed Mother to
intercede for us at the appt. Kai woke up an hour later. I dressed
him and we were off to the doctor's office.

I arrive at the office and ask for Mary, that's the girl who was
going to contact the insurance company. I was told Mary was not in
that she had called in sick. I felt a pit in my stomach. I then
asked if she had made any arrangements for that visit, the girl
responded with "I don't see any notes in the file". Then she
walked out of the room. As I sat there looking at my adorable
little guy eat his cheerios without a care in the world, I was
thinking about the $400 I would be shelling out in a little bit.
Tears started welling up. I bit my lip and hugged Kai. A few
minutes later, the doctor comes into the room. He was as cheerful
as the first time we met him. He played with Kai for a couple of
minutes asking him for high fives, etc. Then he turned to me and
said, "How's he doing, Mom?" I said..."Great!" He turns and
pulls out a pencil and a pad out of a drawer, then proceeds to draw
a diagram of Kai's upper jaw and teeth. I sat there a bit confused
watching. He then starts talking about what the procedure will
entail. After about 30 seconds, I interrupt him and said, "Dr., I
don't think you are aware. We have a bit of a problem. Mary is not
here today. Your office does not take our insurance and she was
going to speak to you about trying to work something out with the
insurance company." He looked up from his pad and pencil as if he
took in what I was saying and then continued explaining the surgical
procedure. By that point, I was a getting pretty anxious at the
thought that not only was sitting there costing us $400, but that I
was about to schedule a surgery that was going to costs us thousands
that we didn't have. So, I interrupted him once again, this time I
was seeing him rather blurry through the tears that were once again
building up. I said, "Dr. You don't understand....we REALLY need
to know how much the surgery is going to cost before we proceed with
discussing any procedure." He then stopped his drawing again and
looked up....this time with total compassion in his face and he said
to me, "the surgery is not going to cost you anything. If I can get
$400. out of the insurance company then that will be my payment, if
I get nothing....then it is my pleasure to donate the surgery to
Kai. You will not receive a bill from my office." I almost fell
out of my chair. I didn't know if I should hug him or shake his
hand. I just sat there bawling. I thanked him over and over and
he looked at me and said, "I have 3 adopted daughters myself. I do
this for the children, not for the money. I travel to So. America 3
times a years doing cleft surgeries on children in orphanages in
Ecuador and Bolivia. That is why I just joined the cleft team 1
month ago, because my schedule up to now has been so busy that I was
not able to be a part of it." I just sat there dumbfounded.

All the pieces of the puzzle God was forming suddenly fell into
place. The 3 month wait for the appt.? Had I gotten any appt.
earlier than that, I would have seen an older surgeon, one who just
retired from the team, and from what I've heard not very
compassionate. God had EVERY intention for us to see THIS doctor,
but he wasn't ready to see us yet. God knew we were going to
encounter the financial issue. And he found a doctor who's heart
was close to orphans and who does charity work around the world. I
know I've said it 1,000 times but His plans are always so perfect
and yet we don't learn to step back and just let Him have control.
Again, we give God the glory for showing us yet ANOTHER miracle in
our lives. We are so very blessed!

In His Name,