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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I look at what is happening in the Middle East, and I am sad. Our family visited Israel last year. We loved it there. It is an amazing country with wonderful, hard working and creative people. We have even thought to move there for awhile. My husbands company does development in Israel. I feel really sorry this war is happening. I feel so sorry for the people in Israel and Lebanon. But is this the beginning of the "END"? I am no expert on Bible prophecy. I know a little, but I'm no expert! I saw a news story on CNN that talked about this question. I guess allot of churches are preaching that this is it! I have a question I would like to ask. If this is the end we are living in, why do so many Christians live their lives like it was not the end? Why do you see so many people with no clear purpose? They have the will and desire to hide in a cave, and live out the rest of their days in "style" and "comfort". They look for the life boat that will carry them to safety, but care nothing for all the others in this world who are, or will drown! I know I'm getting a little "preachy", but hear me out. Are you living your days with purpose? I can not tell if we are living in the "End", but all our days are numbered, and God never intended any of us to spend those days "hiding"!!
I took these photos in Northern Israel last May. This is not the first time Israel has had to fight a war!