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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Gearing up for our big trip! God willing, we will be leaving for Thailand in one week. Right now I am brain storming on what I need to do, and what I need to pack. I want to travel on the light side, but with 6 people in our family the term is used loosely! Today I made a trip to toys r us. Jessica and Thomas will be both celebrating birthdays in Thailand. Thomas will be 9 years old on Sept. 5th, and Jessica will turn 15 years old on Sept 8th. Thomas is very easy to shop for. He wants Lego and then more Lego! Jessica has never been easy to shop for. She is autistic, and really doesn’t play. I got her some books. She loves books, but always tears them up lately. In a way it was sad to buy these beautiful books, knowing what is likely to happen to them! But it is what she likes, and it is her birthday! I also got her a Winnie Pooh music box. It is for babies, but she loves Pooh! I also got her a new DVD. Traveling on the plane to Bangkok is my greatest worry. We could use allot of prayers! Jessica hates to fly! I booked an over night flight. I hope she will manage to sleep some of the trip! I already reserved the bulk head seats, and the row behind. We will seat 3 in one row (Juergen, Jessica, and I) with the 3 others behind us. It is a great blessing the other 3 don't need our consent care! So far they are all good travelers! Jessica has spent too many hours of her summer vacation watching DVD's. In Thailand we will take her to the swimming pool for hours each day. She will go on tours. She will see fish, birds, and elephants! She will eat fresh pineapples and mangos. I am looking forward to having Jessica in Thailand; I just hate the thought of taking her on the airplane! I have been practicing with her to wear headphones. These are special headphones that block outside noise. Jessica has written that it is the noise that bothers her on an airplane. Maybe the headphones will help her! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!