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Monday, August 28, 2006

Well, only 4 more days until we go to Thailand (God willing)! Today I packed the kids cloths. Tomorrow I pack my cloths. I also did a Mountain of laundry, and did some extra cleaning in the kitchen. We have a student friend of ours house sitting while we are gone. She plans on having guests over, so I want the house to be at least a little cleaner! I thought I would write down our Itinerary. Here is at least what we have planned so far...
We fly on Sept. 2nd at 8 pm direct to Bangkok from Frankfurt
We get to Bangkok around noon Thai time
Our hotel is the Riverfront residence (3 nights)
We visit the orphanage that Philip and Thomas were in Sept 4th
Thomas has his 9th birthday on Sept 5th, and we may visit the floating market

We travel to HuaHin 3 hours south of Bangkok on Sept 6th
We will be staying at a vacation apartment right on the beach
Jessica's birthday is Sept 8th
I'm sure we will take a few tours from HuaHin, but spend most of our time in the pool and eating ,reading and sleeping
We return to Germany on Sept 14th late at 11pm direct overnight flight
Back home on the morning of Sept 15th
We can receive e-mail at
I know we will have e-mail in Bangkok, but I don't know about HuaHin? If you are a friend or family our house sitter will have more detailed contact information in case of an

Thank you very much for your prayers, especially for the flight! It is really a big deal to us taking Jessica on a flight again. We really need Gods grace and help!