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Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm reprinting this funny story just written by an online friend named Karen. She just returned from China with her second Chinese child.


Gary and I took the kids out to eat Chinese last night and afterwards we
stopped at the *Super* Only A Buck store. Cameron wanted a balloon so Gary
to that side of the store and bought him a balloon while I went shopping
with the two girls.

Gary went ahead and checked out and he and Cam headed for the car. Well..
after the girls and I finished shopping, I get to the counter and the cashier
says, *Is your name Karen*? I tell her yes and she says that my husband
wanted me to give her the 2 pennies that he was short to pay for the balloon.
Gary is parked right in front of the door and the girls wanted to go out with
him while I checked out so I said Ok.

After they went out the door the conversation started!
Cashier: Mam, can I ask you a question?

Me: Sure.

Cashier: The little girl with black hair... is she ummmmmmmm your daughter?

Me: Yes. She is.

Cashier: But she is ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Me: Chinese?

Cashier: YES! Chinese. Ummmmm can I ask you another question?

Me: Yes.. sure....

Cashier: I see you have TWO Chinese children and a red haired daughter.
This must be your second marriage?

Me: Yes... as a matter of fact, it is my second marriage.

Cashier: I thought so because your children are Chinese. I knew
your first husband had to be Chinese.

Me: No. My first husband was NOT Chinese (a dirt bag but no, not Chinese
is what I wanted to say... but didn't... hehehehehe).

Cashier: BUT your children are Chinese? How did that happen?!?!?!

Me: I went to China and adopted them!

Cashier: YOU went to CHINA??? YOU Adopted THEM?

Me: Yes, I went to China and I adopted them.

Cashier: So, they are like.. ummmmmmmm... brother and sister?

Me: Yes, they are brother and sister.

Cashier: How old are they?

Me: They are both 4 years old.

Cashier: Oh they are twins????

Me: No, they are not twins.

Cashier: BUT they are brother and sister and both from China and the same
age... and they are not twins???

Me: No they are not twins... yes, they are brother and sister.

Cashier: WOW! China is like so far from here. Was it really different
there? I mean.. .is it like the US??

Me: Yes, it is a LONG way and YES it is VERY different there.

Cashier: Really?? Like, tell me, how is it different there??

Me: Well... for one thing they don't speak ENGLISH there!!!!

Cashier: Wow... how weird.

Me: Yeah... weird. Have a nice night....

Got in the car and said to Gary.... *Here's Your Sign*!! He was about to
choke he was laughing so hard when I told him the story!!! It is the first
time I have ever been asked if I used to married to a man from China. I had to
try HARD to keep from falling over laughing in her face!!!