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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hi, how do you like the new Andrea Bocelli music? I could listen to this man sing day and night! He is going to be performing in Munich on January 13, 2007. I was tempted to get tickets. I decided agents it, because we will have just gotten, or maybe even getting Sarah then. Another year (I'm still hoping to see him perform in Rome).
Speaking of music, my son Thomas wants to take drum lessons. I've been wondering if I should allow him to learn the drum, or encourage him to study another instrument. I learned to play the drums when I was a kid. After a few years it gets kind of boring. You need a band to play with. Maybe I should encourage him to play something like guitar. You can always play a guitar- alone or in a group. There is always a need for a guitar player. Should I start him on something I am pretty sure he will not stick with, or encourage him to begin something he could stick with? What do you think?