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Friday, August 25, 2006

Hi, I read this post on a yahoo group...
"We do not know if this rumor is true, but Holt adoption agency
reported the CCAA will no longer approve adoption applicants that:
Are older than 45
Do not have some college education
Have a history of any major illness
Have a history of any arrests
Are extremely obese."

Juergen is 47 years old and we have 4 kids at home. I contacted my agency to ask if this affects us. They haven't gotten back to me. I'm guessing if it is true, it doesn't affect us because we have already been Pre Approved. It did make me really sad (understatement) to think we could have missed Sarah if these rules were being implemented now. I imagine they will begin to place restrictions on the Chinese adoption program soon. I hope this doesn't apply to the special needs kids.