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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Day 11: Today we are taking it easy. We slept in, and then spent some time at the pool. Nicole rode a horse on the beach. Juergen took the kids to eat lunch at the mall. Then they went toy shopping. Jessica took a long nap. I read. It is suppose to rain this afternoon. Nicole and I have a reservation for a Thai cooking class tomorrow. We are preparing ourselves to return home on Friday. Thomas is beginning to act up again. I thought about this all night. I finally realized the “why”. Yesterday I began to talk to the kids about our return home. I wanted them to get ready for the trip home. This thought of change was (I think) the button that triggered Thomas’s insecurity. He does not handle change well! He begins to act like a circus performer who does a stunt, then says “Ta Da”!!! Every time Thomas does something, he strikes a pose and even says “Ta Da”!!! He wants us to watch him, so he even acts badly to shock us, anything for attention. He doesn’t often act like this at home. He stopped acting like this a few days after we were here in HuaHin. I am thinking it is transition that triggers this acting up! Maybe some of you who have adopted older kids might be able to give me some insight? I can imagine change is scary for someone who has never had safety or security. He has never done well without clear boundaries. Again we need grace and wisdom to help us through the coming days! You can not imagine what a great kid Thomas can be, and how bad he can also be. Security seems to be the difference, Security is everything! He has to be feeling really mixed up inside. He has had such a great time, but it’s almost time to go home! I remember when Nicole was 3 years old. When the party was over, she would cry uncontrollably. Sometimes I think Thomas is only 3 years old emotionally. He just turned 9 years old, so his behavior doesn’t come across so well! Still, a person needs the chance to grow up. There are gaps in his development. I’m not really sure there is anything we can do to speed up the process…we just need to be here to help.