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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hi, I have jet lag still! I think Thomas has it too. Philip put a piece of Lego away in the toy box, and Thomas fell apart. He cried uncontrollably for 5 mins about this Lego. I think he is just tired. I know I am!
Before we went to Thailand, Thomas could not separate the memory of being an orphan, and Thailand as a place. The visit to the baby’s home in Bangkok really shook him up. He basically wants to forget he ever lived there! I'm actually ok with that! He isn't an orphan any more! What we didn't want him to forget is Thailand. When he looks in the mirror everyday, he is going to see a Thai face looking back at him. Thomas learned to love Thailand! He began to be proud of his homeland. He wore his Thai yellow shirt with pride. He even started to speak a few words of Thai again. On our first night home he brought me a piece of paper. On it he had written his name in Thai. I actually held it upside down (what do I know). Thomas laughed at me, and showed me the correct way to hold the paper. The trip was a great success!