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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Day 8: Last night Nicole and I were about to get into a taxi to go to the mall when someone on a motorcycle speed by on the road, and snatched the purse of another western woman who was riding a bicycle. The poor lady lost her money and her ID. I saw the whole thing. I called the security to come and help her. It made me a little paranoid with my own purse. It is the weekend, and there are many more tourists in town. I imagine the crime rate also rises on the weekend! I expected the pool and beach to be crowded, but Thai people like to stay out of the sun. They consider light skin to be beautiful. They even sell skin lighting cream in the store. Jessica gave us her swim suite first thing this morning. She wanted to swim even before breakfast. She has been to the pool 4 times today! The boys are also living most of the day in the pool! Nicole and I had our second Thai massage. The women who gave me my massage was really ruff. I think I’m going to be black and blue tomorrow! We eat lunch at our favorite restaurant, called POM POM’s. Juergen loves the frozen lemonade. Jessica also tried it, with mixed reviews! We may try to take a tour to a National park tomorrow. The boys each got yellow shirts with a Thai emblem. Every other person in Thailand is wearing these shirts to honor the king. The king of Thailand has been king 60 years this year. He was actually born in the USA. The people here have an amazing love for him! He actually lives in our neighborhood! His palace is right up the beach from where we are staying (not even 5 miles away).