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Monday, September 25, 2006

Today was Philip's first day of school. He said it didn't go so well! The other kids made fun of him because he has long hair. I could have guessed that would happen. When Nicole began the first grade she wore her cowboy boots. They were major in style in the USA, but not in Germany. The girls that gave her a hard time about her boots have always been called the shoe police! I love Philips hair. I think he looks great! I made a picture for him to take to school tomorrow. Maybe the teacher can tell the whole class Philips Thai-Chinese. He has long hair because he is a taekwondo warrior! There are other famous men, many soccer players who also have long hair. I hope the kids will accept his hair, and not bully him into cutting it! I wish people would teach their children to accept differences. Germans in general all look alike and act alike! They do not like what is not white and German! That is a general statement...I of course knows many acceptations!
When I was in the first grade I lived in Phoenix, Arizona. We had a thing called western days at our school. Everyone came to
school dressed up as cowboys and Indians’. I was creative and came as a cactus. My face was painted green; I had a green hat, and green cloths. The kids all laughed at me, and I hide in the bathroom and cried. Then I got called to the principles’ office. I thought I was in trouble! Instead I had won a special prize for best costume. I got $5.00, a chocolate bar, and my picture in the paper. All the kids stopped teasing me, and I was the class hero! Uniformity kills creativity! I love people who can think out side of the box!

PS. I talked to Philip's teacher and gave her the above picture. She showed the picture to the whole class and now everyone seems cool with Philips long hair. One boy even said he knows Jackie Chan.