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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Day One(photo's added I'm looking tired): Ok, we got here! Jessica started the trip very calm. We were amazed. Too bad it didn’t last. The flight was not as terrible as our last flight, but I will spare you the gory details! We did get through it! We are all really excited about being here! We love the great weather, the room service (I could really get use to someone else doing the cooking & the dishes), and the swimming pool! The boys are both bouncing off the walls with excitement! The view from our room on the 20th floor is amazing! I took some pictures of the bridge. I’ll have to post pictures tommorow!

Tomorrow we are taking a taxi to the orphanage. We have gifts for the nannies and the kids. We have our Polaroid camera to take instant pictures for the kids. We will leave those photos with the nannies. I will also be taking some photos of the kids! It should be interesting to see how both boys respond to the experience. Hopefully they will experience some deeper security, and understanding of their past. After the children’s home, we hope to see the Grand Palace. I also will be taking a few picture greetings to some wonderfully encouraging people who have left comments on the blog! A few short thoughts from the day…

1. We took Royal Brunei airlines. They began the flight with a prayer of blessing to Allah. I found it really strange to be a Christian family traveling on an Islamic airlines to a country that is 90% Buddhist.

2. Thomas looks so amazing in Thailand. He looks so “normal”, and we are the weird ones! Even Philip is still a minority here, but Thomas is your average Joe, and he seems to be eating it up!

3. Nicole looks like a super model in Thailand. We went to a big shopping mall just to kill some time, and try to stay awake! It was like walking with Claudia Schiffer or Heidi Klum. She stopped traffic!

4. Juergen is taking this vacation seriously! He is 100% committed to having a great time! This is going to be good!

5. Bangkok has really grown! There are new freeways everywhere. The traffic is intense! Our taxi driver almost hit parked cars two or three times. He finally was rear ended by a motorcycle driver. It is a zoo!

6. You have probably heard it before, but this is the land of smiles! I just love the people in Thailand! They are so amazingly friendly! Germans do not have much of a service mentality. I’m going to be spoiled!

I’m really tired, and need to get us pretty early. Tomorrow should really be interesting. Stay tuned and thank you for your prayers!