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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day 4: Nicole and I went to a local mall to shop for food. The stores in Bangkok are as big as any you would find in America, and bigger then a German food store. We will spend our last days in HuaHin. We have rented an apartment right next to the beach. It has a kitchen, but no restaurants or room service. It was nice while it lasted! We took a TukTuk ride home. That was a blast!!! I will try to post some video of the ride. Mean while, Juergen was back at the hotel trying to pack our stuff. Thomas was having a meltdown! He has been very emotional today. The tears finally started to flow as we began to drive out of Bangkok. It’s been pretty overwhelming for him!
The new apartment is a dream! The weather is very nice! We expected rain, but have had only sun! The kids are anxious to go to the pool. Jessica only wants to sleep. I can not tell if she is just shutting down because of stress, if it is jets lag, or if she is sick. It took four days for her to adjust to a new environment on our last vacation. I’m going to try to bring her out of her shell! Some time you just have to force Jessica out of her room! Once she starts doing something, she actually enjoys it. The problem is, she won’t tell you what she wants or needs. It is a guessing game! It seems to be a guessing game with Thomas too! Juergen asked me today if I’m having fun yet? I have to spend so much energy taking care of the special needs of my kids. I have to say I am enjoying myself. It isn’t 100% relaxing, but it beats being home! I’m trying to enjoy the quite time when Juergen takes the kids to the pool (Jessica has only wanted to swim once so far). I loved shopping in Bangkok! I only got to see half of the Grand Palace, but half if much better then none! The trip to the orphanage was very special. Thailand is very beautiful ( I’ve never seen it greener), and very interesting. I am not actually here for myself , but I’m getting allot of perks!

Day 5: I don’t know when I will be able to post this? The internet at the apartment is painfully slow! I’m going to try to find a high-speed internet cafĂ© in the town. We had a few more melt downs and tears from Thomas. It is clear he has some issues to work through. He isn’t really telling us what he is thinking. I’m sure it’s too confusing, and He just can not sort it out.

I slept really bad last night. The air-conditioning is full of mold. I could hardly breathe. I ended up putting a rag over my face, and then I could sleep. I think know one has rented this apartment for a few months. We will try to get the management to do something about this! It has been rainy season. It is still the low season here. We are practically alone! I went for a walk on the beach last evening. I ran into the guys with horses to rent. They were overjoyed when they hear I would bring my kids to the beach to ride horses today. We made an appointment. We were also the only ones in the restaurant last night. I’m sure business will pick up next month. For now, the weather could not be nicer! The sky is clear, and it is between 80 and 90 degrees F (about 34 C).We eat a German breakfast this morning. Thomas got to eat his Neutella. Now the kids are swimming. I’m getting eaten by tiny ants at the table I’m writing on. I’ll try to post this later, with pictures. Thank you for your prayers!
(Later in the day) The kids did ride horses. Juergen jogged next to the horses on the beach (good man). I forced Jessica to walk up the beach with me to receive a Thai message! Imagine being forced to take a message! I would have had one too but I had to help hold Jessica down! I’ll make sure I get a message before we leave. It’s only $5.00 per hour! Now the kids are back at the pool. I’m sure they will be sleeping well tonight!