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Monday, September 18, 2006

Hi, I slept well. I can actually think a bit. The kids are off to school! Jessica handed me her cloths this morning (an hour and a half to early). She was very excited to return to school. I can't wait to hear what she writes about her trip. I wanted to write down a few last thoughts about the trip before I forget them. First I want to say something about our last full day in Thailand. Jessica was so amazingly healthy and "with us". She went swimming with us even though it rained. When we returned to the apartment, she ran over the uneven ground with out tripping, and she was giggling. It was the cutes thing! Later, we took a bus into town. A Thai bus is really an open truck with benches on either side. Jessica sat on one side of the bus, and Juergen and I sat on the other side. She was so calm, and held on to the rail so well that we didn't need to worry she would fall out. This was a wonder! We eat lunch at Burger King, and she sat well in the restaurant. She didn't need to watch a DVD. She was just calm. Later in the evening we went out to dinner at PomPoms. This is an Italian restaurant that serves the best frozen lemonade in HuaHin. We walked about 6 blocks to the restaurant on very uneven sidewalks. The side walks are also built very high from the street. This is because when it rains there it often floods the street. Any way, she stepped up and down these uneven walkways with amazing grace. She was walking with Juergen, and I walked behind her with Nicole. I was almost in tears as I saw her move so well over these uneven surfaces. Jessica seems so hidden at home, but she was really with us in Thailand. This was the best thing for me! I have some other thoughts, I will get to later! I can not thank you enough for your prayers! It brings me so much joy to see Jessica doing so well.