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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thailand’s military are trying to stage a coup, and there are tanks on the streets of Bangkok! I have no idea how this is going to play out? There was supposed to be an election next month. Thailand has had democracy for 15 years. Because it was somewhat stable politically, its economy has grown. I feel really sorry for the people. They were hit by the the bird flu, a tsunami, then terrorism in the south of the country. All these things affect the economy. Any political instability is also bound to affect the economy. When people don't have money they abandon their children (more orphans). I think this will not lead to a lasting instability. Still, it is really strange to think we just missed the action! We were just racing through the over crowded streets of Bangkok Friday night. Our driver was a bit crazy! He must have had a great deal of faith in his breaks, because he was right on the tail of the cars in front of us driving at an uncomfortable speed! I'm sure it is more dangerous to get into a taxi in Bangkok then this military coup. I don't expect any violence. I pray they will have an election next month, and Thailand will continue as a democracy!