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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dreaming out loud
I contacted my adoption agency (IAAP) yesterday. I wanted to find out if we have a LID, that's log in date. The answer is no. I asked if that meant we are not logged in, or they just don't know the date yet. They said, they often get the date a month or two later, and sometimes never. Families use the LID to guess how much time they need to wait for a TA (travel approval). I was pretty depressed about the lack of clear dates! This is for most waiting families the hardest thing! You know your whole world is about to be turned upside down, you know your going to need airplane tickets, visas, hotels etc...but you can not plan anything. We could go in two weeks or four months! I HATE this uncertainty! I do know we want to travel together as a family (all 6+1 of us). We are pretty sure what hotels we would like to stay in. We want to fly to Shanghai on British airways (with a stop in London). We want to take the train to Nanjing, and stay at the Mandarin hotel. We want to see if we can travel over night on the train to Guangzhou. In Guangzhou we would like to stay at the Oakwood ( a full service apartment). From Guangzhou, we hope to take the train to Hong Kong, and fly home from there. If anyone has taken an overnight train from Nanjing to Guangzhou , please tell me about it! I am still praying we can travel over Christmas...but I realize that is not likely to happen. Still, if God wants it to happen, we will go in the next month! I hope everything works out OK. These are only the things we are hoping to do, you can not really plan anything without dates! Right now we can afford to take the whole family , but this could also change as prices go up and down! I would love to scream! I guess this is when I need to really trust God to deal with the details! He knows what we need...every last detail of what we need!