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Thursday, November 23, 2006

If your interested in adopting one of the 8 kids at All Gods Children and recieve one of their grants, you must act right away! The deadline for the grant is on

Tuesday November 28, 2006. 12:00 pm (pst)

The following information will be required...

1. Completed Moriah Grant Application
2. A statement from each parent stating the reasons why you believe this child is right for your family, if you have initiated the home study process, and a financial statement indicating your ability to spend up to $10,000 of your own funds on this adoption process.(If you live in the USA, there is a tax credit that will refund all the expenses you must pay. These expenses will include your home study, visa, and travel costs).
3. A written statement of your personal faith experience (from both prospective parents). This should be no more than one typed page (single women can also apply).
4. A statement indicating who reviewed your medicals and what understanding you have of the special needs of the child you are considering for your family.
5. A family photo

Please consider adopting one of these beautiful kids. A grant like this does not come along very not!!! Again, the contact is HERE!

The girl pictured above is 5 years old and I would adopt her myself, but they would not let me adopt two kids at one time. Don't be afraid of their special needs!The 2 year old boy with Myelomeningocele is post surgery and 100% normal & healthy! Do not think you can do this later either...if you want one of these adoption grants then you must move NOW!!! If you need help with the application,let me know by leaving a comment or signing my guest book. I wish someone would give me $12,000 for adoption! What a blessing!