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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hi, my poem for the new Love with out Boundaries book, Loves Journey 2 has been accepted. The book should be out in time for Mothers day 2007. It will help raise money for the great projects at LWB. I actually wrote this poem when I was praying for another child named Lian Yun Peng. He is a very cute 7 year old boy who Thank God is being adopted!

My waiting child

I was not there the first time you laughed.
I missed the first bottle, I missed the first bath.
I did not witness your first steps.
You’re growing so big without me.
I hope I will be there to teach you to trust.
You'll learn to speak my mother tongue.
You won't be adopted when you're young,
but you'll know the love of a family.
God has not forgotten every tear
you have cried alone, my waiting child.
And I have not forgotten that you are there.
My days would be empty without you.
By Amy Heymannr>