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Friday, November 24, 2006

I got a real blessing today.My sister and friend Mary visited Sarah in the children's home today. Thank you is not good enough! Mary, I am really grateful for the pictures and even more the report! Here is what she wrote...

Amy, Okay we just got back from the orphanage. You are going to absolutely kill me! lol I totally forgot to ask about sizes, and I didn't even look at her feet. Please don't get mad. I can't even explain what a scene it was there!!! However, if I were to guess I would bring some 2T and some 3T clothing for her. She's probably a 3T height, but her weight....she's very thin. (Not scarily thin, so don't worry too much about that!)

Coco said that she is a very very clever child. She can outsmart the nannies any day of the week! When we got there, they were just moving the children from lessons to snack and they opened the door and she took off!!!! I mean, Sarah bolted out of that room into the hallway and we all had to chase her down! She is absolutely adorable!!!

When we caught her in the hallway, Coco tried to pick her up, but Sarah just relaxed...jelly-like so no one could pick her up. Coco told her, "Your mama's friend is here to take your picture!" Sarah said something and everyone started laughing hard! Our guide said, "Sarah says she doesn't want mama's friend, she wants mama."

Now that I know you're probably crying, I'll send the pictures. It will probably take 2 or 3 e-mails.


"Sarah says she doesn't want mama's friend, she wants mama."

I'm going to live on those words for a month!