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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I was tagged by Cannon fish bowl to answer what I slept with as a child, and the strangest food I eat. I had a very big stuffed bear named Smokey. He got very loved by me! My Mom through him away with out my knowing it. That made me very sad. I always ask my kids if I can get rid of stuff. I use to love Underwood deviled ham on crackers (when I was a kid). Once a friend of mine and I decided after church to buy Underwood ham and crackers for lunch. We were both in our late 20's. It was not what I remembered! It tasted like dog food on crackers!!! I actually love all kinds of food some people would think strange. I feed my kids sushi, squid, curry, .... They all have pretty sophisticated taste. I finally got Philip hooked on salad, now we are working on Thomas. To the boys, vegetables are strange food! Sarah loves French cream cheese with herbs, and also fine chocolate.

My brother in law tagged me to answer a two thing questionnaire. That was two weeks ago. I was too busy to get 2 it! So Paul here are my 2 thing answers...

Two Names You go by
Amy and Amelia
Two of Your Favorite Things to do
Sleep and drink coffee in bed
Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment
to get Fridays flight behind me, and to eat Mexican food in Oregon
Two pets you had/have
Mickey our dog, Tom the cat(he ran away 4 months ago but I saw him yesterday)
Two things you did last night
I read with my boys and I went to bed early because I'm sick
Two things you ate yesterday
I eat chicken for lunch and German bread for dinner
Two people you last talked To
I talked to Juergen on the phone and Philip here at home
Two Things You're doing tomorrow
I hope to get my hair cut and we may have a good friend from Israel over to eat dinner
Two longest car rides
Oregon to Arizona(24 hours)
Germany to the South coast of France(only 16 hours but with kids)
Two Favorite Holidays
Christmas and My birthday!
Two favorite beverages
Coffee with milk and black tea