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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Here is a KFC Chinese ad. There were KFC's everywhere in China. When Juergen and I went out for lunch together in Shanghai (before we got Sarah) we ended up at a KFC. Juergen was jet lagged and wanted what was more western to eat. We were not alone in the restaurant. The place was packed! Juergen went to the counter to order food to take back to the hotel for the kids and my Mom. It was so funny to see the giggling school girls standing in line behind him. Juergen is tall even for a German (6 feet 5 inches). I wanted to take a picture of this, but a mean looking security guard comes up to me and says no pictures. Here I was in China, and I could not take a picture of my own husband. On the one hand China was so western, and on the other hand so controlled. It was weird.