This blog covers our wait, travel, and adjustment to our 4 year old adopted Chinese daughter Sarah Shui Qing from Nanjing. There are over 1000 posts. I have moved my blog to Catching Butterflies 2. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog. It has alot of information on Special needs adoption. Follow us to our new address Catching Butterflies 2! Thank you for reading!

Friday, July 20, 2007

One of the first times I ever thought about adopting was as a University Student. I was a communications major, and had to make speeches on controversial issues. I often chose to speak out against abortion and for life. Of course the whole issue of the quality of life (both the mothers and the potentially disabled child) came up. At this point I took the attitude of mother Teresa, if you don't want the children then give them to me. I have a disabled first born child, and 3 adopted special needs children, as well as a healthy biological child. I can say with absolute conviction all life (healthy, disabled, or adopted) has worth! I also know if more people would be willing to adopt, there would probably not be so many abortions. Now I am going to preach to the choir, but adoption is a declaration of life! Every child has value... but not every child has a family. If we would commit ourselves to adoption, perhaps we would not see abortion so widely practiced. I found this cool counter on Cindy's blog. If you are "pro-life" you must be "pro-adoption". Perhaps you personally can not adopt. If you can not adopt, maybe you can help other families that do adopt. There are organizations like Love with out boundaries, AAI, and Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries that have scholarship programs to help families adopt. Everyone can participate in the miracle of adoption! Every child needs a family!