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Monday, July 23, 2007

Last month, a doctor was arrested on suspicion of illegally aborting 260 female foetuses after police recovered bones from the septic tank in the basement of his maternity clinic in the outskirts of New Delhi.

In India & China millions of females are either aborted or abandoned each year because of the preference for boys. In India this need is driven by the economics of the poor. Traditionally a family must pay a bride price of nearly 3 years wages to honorably marry off a daughter. It's not legal, but still widely practised. In China it is the one child policy that drives this preference for boys. When a boy must care for his parents in their old age, but a girl traditionally cares for her husbands parents, and you only have one child you are going to want a boy. Sarah was left on a stone bench on the day of her birth. She was probably the victim of this "need" for a boy.We will never know for sure why she was left on a bench. I thank God for the life she was given. I'm grateful she is now ours.