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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm suppose to write another "for your mind and body " post. I think I'm losing my mind, and I still have a cold! I'm trying to find an acceptable school for my son Philip. He has some learning problems. Special education in Germany is not so "special"! I want to keep him in the "main stream", and try to keep him as close to grade level as possible. He has some serious learning problems. We are trying to figure out what is affecting his memory. We believe it's physical, and hopefully treatable. In the mean time, school is out in three weeks, home schooling is illegal here (I've considered it), and I need a school for next fall! It's amazing to me how much not knowing he is "taken care of" affects me. I'm so sad, and depressed! I love him so much, and I'm fighting for his future. He was adopted, but he is 100% my son. He is so much mine! My parents even offered to take him for a year in the USA because they have better educational options, but how could I ever consider sending my 8 year old son away for a year? No way, not even to Grandmas house!!! I will have peace of mind when I know he will be taken care of! As for my body...I found a good lemon cold medicine you drink hot. It keeps me going during the day. I will probably feel better when the stress of this school placement passes. I have no good advise for you this week. I just have this observation...I love Philip very much, and the uncertainty of his future really makes me sad. I am so amazed how deeply I love my son!