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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I was listening to Joyce Meyer speak this morning. She told a story about a teacup. A teacup begins like a lump of clay. It is pounded, molded and shaped (a painful process). When it finally takes shape, it needs to sit and dry out (waiting), then the master potter paints glaze on it and sticks it in a hot oven for a first firing, once out of this fire it is placed on a shelf to wait some more (more waiting), finally another very thick and stinky glaze is painted on the cup and it is placed in an even hotter oven for a final fire. The result is a beautiful teacup…but the process was not pleasant. I am going to buy a special teacup in China to remind me of this process that brought me to my daughter! It was stinky, hot, and pounding…but I am confident the results will be a beautiful work of art!