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Thursday, January 11, 2007

OK, first I need to apologize to my agency for getting mad about not telling me about the new requirements. It seems they were just as "in the dark" as everyone else. China just started sending the forms out this week! I guess they did not warn anyone! My kids have a two week vacation April 2-14. Maybe I should just set my mind on going then. I realize I won't be able to find a hotel room in Guangzhou, but Hong Kong is only 2 hours away by train. I would rather spend a week with my family in Hong Kong anyway, and just take the train to Guangzhou to do paperwork! What is the difference between panic attack and sadness? For a hour or so I began to panic, but now I know I am just really sad this is taking so long. I started this process with so many families who are already home enjoying their new children. I know I will get there too...I am feeling kicked again. It is OK, I am a big girl. I will get up. But darn hurts to be kicked again!