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Friday, June 01, 2007

I got tagged by Beverly to answer the following question...
What is your comfort food? If you needed something to help you calm down or just reminisce what foods would help you do this?
Nothing comforts me more then chocolate! I live in Germany and the chocolate is soooooo very goooood!!! But I think she is asking for a recipe. Beverly, give me a day to think about this one! I cook allot of spaghetti, pizza, and rice, and soup because that's what my kids like to eat. I love Mexican food and can cook pretty good Mexican food, but it's hard to get the ingredients in Germany (we are not in the military). Thanks for the tag! I do have a good food blog to share, it's called Janet is hungry. She has some pretty good ideas for food! I will get back to you on this!
Ok, I get to tag 5 other bloggers.

Maybe you all can be a little more creative on this tag then I am! I love to eat, but I am not the "best" cook in the world. I wish I could cook good Chinese and Thai food. I do OK, but it isn't what I would call good!