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Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Purse
I’ve been tagged by Kim at the seventh diamond to share with you the contents of my purse. I don’t actually carry a purse, it’s mostly a backpack. When I want something smaller, I just stick some money and my bank card in my keychain and leave the back pack in the car. The back pack is a mess. I wish I was neat, fashionable and organized, but I’m none of the above. I’ve got sunglasses, My uncharged cell phone (I always forget to charge it), plastic spoons, soda straws, and diapers in my pack. There are band aids, chewing gum, and a sewing kit. I feel a little like Dora the explorer. I often put snacks, a leapster, colored pencils, drawing paper, and a drink in there. I have a book; I’m always reading one or two books. Right now it’s Why Christian Kids Rebel: Trading Heartache for Hope by Tim Kimmel
I also keep my digital camera in there when I’m going out. I don’t want to miss a good picture. Yesterday I missed Sarah’s haircut, because the camera got left on the dinning room table. As you can see, I’m a Mommy and a student. I use to be a university pastor, and I never got rid of my pack.