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Saturday, June 09, 2007

I've been tagged by Kim to write the following facts about myself.

4 Facts About Me:
1.I am 45 years old but I feel 30 in my mind.
2.I’ve been (happily) married to the same wonderful man for 16 years.
3. We have two biological daughters. The oldest one, Jessica has autism. We adopted two boys from Thailand, and one daughter from China. If I don’t stop reading about Ethiopia, we will probably adopt from Ethiopia…but I’m sure Juergen will not agree.
4.I’ve lived in Germany for more then 10 years, and I speak really bad German.

4 Habits I Have:

1. I check my blog when I get up in the morning. I generally get busy, and can not look at it again until the afternoon when I post something.
2. I drink good coffee in the morning, and tea all afternoon. I love hot drinks even when it’s hot outside. When everyone else orders wine or beer at a restaurant I order tea!
3. I never go to bed until after midnight. If I went to bed early, I would not get to see my husband…and I would miss the best friend I’ve got!
4. I never Iron cloths. Juergen has to do the ironing. I also have trouble keeping up with the laundry. In general I have trouble doing the stuff I don’t like to do (like learning German).

4 Things I have discovered in the last four years:
1. Blogging. I started blogging a year ago. I wanted the writing practice. I love to blog. I love the people I meet online, I love the reason to learn new things, I love the reason to take better pictures of my kids, I love the digital scrap booking…
2. Boys (at least my boys) are more work then girls. Boys have so much energy, and will not sit and do arts and crafts. They have fragile self esteems, and really need parents. In other words, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it…so please adopt boys!
3.God TV
4.scrap booking. I could never do it by hand, but I’m loving digital scrap booking. Right now I only use Picture it by Microsoft, but I need to pay the big bucks for something good. I love digital graphics. I never had any classes or training, I’m strictly an armature, but I think it’s fun!

Four Things I Want To Try or Do in the Next Four Years:
1.I want to teach a small group Bible study in English. I’m thinking about starting with Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster, but I’m also considering learning how to do a precepts course. I’ve never done precepts, but I respect the method and would like to learn it.
2.I want to write a book on what I’ve learned from having an autistic daughter.
3.I want to be able to fit back into my wedding dress …so back to weight watchers.
4.I want to go to Africa.

I'm going to tag My new friend Cindy, my old friend Kristy, and my other friend Jill to answer these questions too.

I've got some laundry to do...have a great day!